It seems like you can never find a minicab when you’re on the move. Now we’ve created an amazing iphone minicab app that allows you to book a cab using your mobile. It only takes a minute, and it’s so easy — even your grandma could do it!

  • This was the first time I’d tried to book a taxi online, I usually have to ring around. I was surprised how quick and simple it was. As soon as I clicked ‘book’, I got a text from them then a phone call to say when my cab was coming. The minicab arrived really fast. I’ll use this again and would happily recommend it!


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  • I found this website really easy to use, which makes a nice change! I needed to book a minicab to Heathrow airport, and the cab office called me a few minutes after I’d done it to confirm. Everything ran smoothly, nice taxi driver too.

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Book London Mini Cab Online at LocationCars

There’s a pace of life in London that’s quite unlike anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Although many major cities are busy and fast-moving, to succeed in London you need to turn it up a notch!

One of the quickest ways to get around the city is by jumping into a London Minicab/taxi.

If you book online Mini Cab / taxi to London using our online booking system or website, you will be able to get a top of the range vehicle with satellite navigation and live travel updates; this is the best way to avoid the unavoidable. It’s especially useful for airport transfers or any journey where you have a deadline to meet. Using public transport is bound to be a gamble. Thanks to the competition between providers, London Minicabs/taxis don’t have to be expensive. By using a private hire company you can find a cheap London Minicab/taxi. To make sure you’re not paying above the odds, use a website that gives you an exact quote before you book; that way you won’t incur any extra costs.

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